Turkey and the European Tent – Part I

Opening the door to Ankara is a win-win for both the European Union and Turkey
Shada Islam
October 11, 2005

Europe's Political Parties Buffeted by Globalization

Polarization helps marginal parties to challenge the establishment
Jonathan Fenby
September 8, 2005

"Grand Coalition" Could Break the Deutsch Deadlock

If opposing parties set aside political wrangling, Germany's split election may be a blessing in disguise
Shada Islam
September 20, 2005

Citizens Fight Back with Cellphones and Blogs

Does citizen journalism during the London bombings signal a media revolution?
Mark Glaser
July 28, 2005

Europe in Disarray – Part II

With difficulties at home, European leaders struggle to muster a cooperative spirit
Jonathan Fenby
June 23, 2005

Angst of a Stagnating Germany

How to build prosperity based on cultural identity when companies go offshore?
Dominic Sachsenmaier
July 5, 2005