Africa’s Broadcasting Revolution: African Business

Africa’s young audiences are embracing tried-and-true formulas for television programming from elsewhere in the world – “homegrown, home-produced content telling stories about themselves – it’s the same the world over,” as suggested by an executive of TVC Communications, as reported by David Thomas for African Business Magazine. Popular shows include Wake Up Nigeria and The Bachelor in South Africa. “With a population set to double to 2.5bn over the next 30 years, Africa offers a vast and growing youth demographic for broadcasters and content producers, and an irresistible market for advertisers who wish to target audiences with homegrown and international products, brands and services.” Thomas describes the growing markets hungry for entertainment in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Audiences appreciate local content, but also expect high quality that requires specialized labor and talent. To improve production standards, firms in Nigeria and elsewhere experiment with subscription models, YouTube channels and collaborations with international production companies, though this is hampered somewhat by slow transition from digital to analog transmissions, and low internet and mobile-phone penetration throughout the continent due to high costs. – YaleGlobal

Africa’s Broadcasting Revolution: African Business

Africa’s fast growing population offers an attractive yet disruptive media market, and many companies collaborate with international firms
David Thomas
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Read the article from African Business about the fast-growing media markets in Africa.

David Thomas is the editor of African Business Magazine. He has also been published in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and South Africa’s Cape Times.

Room to grow: These countries are among the top 50 in terms of smartphone use, defined as using at least once a month (Source: Global Mobile Market Report, Newzoo)

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