History of Globalization

Globalization is an historical process that began with the first movement of people out of Africa into other parts of the world. Traveling short or long distances, migrants, merchants and others have delivered their ideas, customs and products to new lands. The melding, borrowing and adaptation of outside influences are found in many areas of human life.

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What is Globalization?

The Peterson Institute for International Economics offers a reminder about an age-old process: “Globalization encourages each country to specialize in what it produces best using the least amount of resources.”

Globalization of Food & Plants

Explore multiple articles on the remarkable journey that food and plants have taken throughout world history

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Lessons From History: Globalization Then and Now

Globalization brings old problems and new ones

Fast, Freewheeling Globalization for All

Attempts to understand and control globalization must wrestle with its heady speed

Ideas Travel the Globe

Explore how ideas and imagination from  across the globe have come together to shape our world

Bound Together: Players Who Shaped the Globe

The modern counterparts of history’s traders, preachers, adventurers and warriors are at work today

Global Governance

Global connections have grown for thousands of years, but ways to manage them have been slow to develop

Brace for Change

Chaos could shock nations, balkng at global governance, into cooperation

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Globalization of the Television Supply Chain

The supply chain has reduced prices for television sets worldwide

The Lure of Protectionism

Consumers want to protect jobs but also favor low costs

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History Without Borders

Historians may be too focused on national borders

Silk Road Diplomacy

There were twists, turns and distortions

Identity History: Austronesian Asia?

Regional history should acknowledge culture, history and global prominence

The Islamic World and the West

A long and common history too often goes ignored

Asia Battles over War History

World War II still influences relations