About Globalization

Globalization is a relatively new term used to describe a very old process that began with our human ancestors moving out of Africa to spread all over the globe.  In the millennia that followed, others forged new routes for migration or followed, propelled by the desire to improve life for one’s self or community. Distance has been largely overcome with barriers reduced to facilitate the exchange of goods and ideas. Helped along by technology, our interconnectedness and interdependence have grown. This increasing integration of the world, or globalization, has enriched life in countless ways, but also created new problems.

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Coming Together

Nayan Chanda, 19 November 2002

Globalization means reconnecting the human community

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What is Globalization cover

Globalization in the Mirror of History

Nayan Chanda , 19 November 2003

Flash Presentation: Part One  |  Part Two

Tom Friedman

Globalization After September 11th

Nayan Chanda, 30 January 2003

An Interview with Tom Friedman by Nayan Chanda Click here to view the transcript of the interview.