AI and Robots Threaten to Unleash Mass Unemployment, Scientists Warn

Almost any task performed by humans could be automated, and development of robots could soon replace most human jobs. Computer scientists Moshe Vardi of Rice University and Bart Selman of Cornell University warned the American Association for the Advancement of Science, that “governments – and society as a whole – were not facing up to the acceleration of AI and robotics research,” reports Clive Cookson for Financial Times. Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft are investing billions in artificial intelligence. For example, self-driving vehicles, capable of reducing accident rates as compared with human drivers, are anticipated within 25 years, yet 10 percent of US jobs involve driving. Supporters of robot technology suggest that humans will have more time for leisure activities, but Vardi suggests that humans may be happier with a work-life balance. Left unsaid is that many leisure activities, not to mention daily necessities and routines, are costly and require funding. Those who can purchase and control robots – and possibly governments – will control economies, production and distribution of funds. The computer scientists urge policymakers to consider the risks. – YaleGlobal

AI and Robots Threaten to Unleash Mass Unemployment, Scientists Warn

Most human tasks could soon be done by robots, but policymakers are not considering the risks of massive job loss or the economic consequences
Clive Cookson
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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