AI Nationalism: New Statesman

With great strides in robotics, some analysts worry about domination, military applications, data collection and destruction of society. “AI increasingly shapes rivalry between the great powers,” explains Sebastian Spence for New Statesman, hence an intense trade war and worries about theft of intellectual property. “Venture capitalist Ian Hogarth has predicted the emergence of ‘AI nationalism’ – where states shape national policies to the AI landscape and compete for supremacy.” Spence anticipates that government will control the industry – pointing to China’s ability to collect data on citizens and promote military-corporate partnerships as advantages. Still, the best form of governance for such competition remains unclear. He argues that countries must reconcile their geopolitical ambitions with the tensions, and concludes that the successful governments and businesses will adapt. Even if the artificial intelligence industry does not lead to dystopia, societies must also monitor the potential for consolidation of political power. Evil intentions of people remain the more pressing challenge. – YaleGlobal

AI Nationalism: New Statesman

The race to master artificial intelligence shapes rivalries among great powers – citizens must be wary about the potential for power consolidation
Sebastian Spence
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

  US, China, UK, Canada, India, Israel, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain

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Sebastian Spence is a London-based strategy consultant

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