BBC: France Activates No-Deal Brexit Plan

Cooperation on complex trade, financial and security relationships requires compromise. Brexit’s most vehement supporters did not realize that leaving the European Union would still require compromise. Britain, as one member among 28 nations and representing about 16 percent of the European Union’s total GDP, lacks leverage. Agreement of all EU members is required for any deal. The British Parliament firmly rejected a deal worked out Prime Minister Theresa May and EU officials. The deadline for a deal is March 29, and the EU members are making contingency plans. France mulls new regulations and hiring for ports, airports and other areas that once allowed free passage to British citizens as EU members. Analysts repeatedly warned that exit without a deal will cause hardship for all Europeans. “The countries with closest trade links are most exposed, including Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany,” reports BBC News. “Ireland has the closest links to the UK and much of the government's non-priority business is being scrapped to focus on measures covering health, communications, education, finance, employment and justice.” The polarized British government may struggle to reach agreement. European governments urge all businesses to prepare for the many disruptions of a hard Brexit. – YaleGlobal

BBC: France Activates No-Deal Brexit Plan

French prime minister launches contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit, and European governments urge businesses to prepare for Brexit disruptions
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Read the article from BBC News about European nations making contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit.

UK represents about 16 percent of EU GDP
Stronger united: All EU members must agree to terms of any deal over the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (Eurostat, 2016)

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