Belarus Cuts Off Russian Oil to Europe

After Russia increased the price for oil flowing into Belarus, the former Soviet republic responded by imposing a tax on Russian oil shipped through a pipeline passing between its borders, destined for Europe. When Russia refused to pay the tax, Belarus siphoned off some oil for some compensation. Russia has since closed the pipeline, and nations like Germany and Poland face reduced oil supplies as Russia and Belarus spar for leverage. Russia, the world’s second largest oil producer, ships about one fifth of its product through the Belarus pipeline. Even as national economies depend on the limited natural resource, disgruntled producers or middlemen have the power to cut off supplies and create unreliable markets. – YaleGlobal

Belarus Cuts Off Russian Oil to Europe

Germany, Poland, and Lithuania are hit by latest energy dispute between Russia and its neighbors
Fred Weir
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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Robert Marquand in Paris and Ranty Islam in Berlin contributed to writing this article.

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