Blocking Hate Sites Makes Them Stronger? Time

Mass killers who attack places of worship or schools often seek attention and announce plans on online. Anonymous internet message boards like 8chan include users who reinforce the extremism and incite hatred. After attacks, community leaders urge monitoring, censorship or site closure. That may draw more users to other provocative platforms. “Blocking access to these platforms would validate users’ long-running narrative that the mainstream simply can’t deal with their edginess,” explains Alex Krasodomski-Jones for Time magazine, adding that determined extremists will find other platforms and even develop codes to evade censorship. “The most important thing these sites offer a would-be gunman is companionship, recognition and, ultimately, an audience to impress.” Krasodomski-Jones points out the message boards feature a range of content reflecting volatile human thought, some innovative, and removing content or sites does not eliminate the hatred. – YaleGlobal

Blocking Hate Sites Makes Them Stronger? Time

Censorship or shutdown of provocative online platforms that permit extremist exchanges will not eliminate perpetrators of hatred – and may spur them on
Alex Krasodomski-Jones
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Read the article from Time about the futility of censorship. .

Alex Krasodomski-Jones is director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos

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