Channel 4: Cambridge Analytica Election Consultants Filmed

Cambridge Analytica executives claim to have consulted on more than 200 elections around the globe - the website claimss 100 - and an undercover investigation in London suggests the company may have used extreme measures to support candidates in violation of the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Channel 4 News reporters posed as prospective clients over four months, filming senior executives who admitted to framing politicians with bribes and sex workers and then posting the wrongdoings online, reporing the chief executive “said the British firm secretly campaigns in elections across the world” and uses “front companies.” The executive explained that many clients prefer not work openly with a foreign company. So Cambridge Analytica is reported to have offered false IDs and websites with workers posing as university students doing research or tourists. Company officials have since explained that opposition research is common and describe the filmed discussions as attempts to detect clients' unethical motives. UK and US agencies are investigating Cambridge Analytica's work as well as participants, investors and patterns of candidate support. – YaleGlobal

Channel 4: Cambridge Analytica Election Consultants Filmed

Undercover investigation films Cambridge Analytica officials claiming to intervene in more than 200 elections across the world with bribes, spies and sex workers
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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