China at 70: Dawn

The People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 70th birthday. The nation emerged during an “era of ideological zeal, when the socialist and capitalist blocs were locked in a global battle for influence,” explains an editorial in Pakistan’s Dawn, and its growth miracle started in earnest once Deng Xiaoping opened up the economy and loosened communist ideology. Today, President Xi Jinping has renewed the state’s focus on Marxism while also pushing for economic growth. “Under the BRI [Belt and Road Initiative], China is seeking to link continents in a web of trade and commerce, with Pakistan also benefiting in the shape of CPEC,” the editorial continues. But “there are legitimate concerns about the state of human rights within China.” Persecution of Muslim Uighur ethnic groups and the crackdown on Hong Kong protesters are glaring examples of human rights violations. “To truly reap the harvest of its economic achievements,” China must grant greater freedoms to its citizens. – YaleGlobal

China at 70: Dawn

China swiftly rose as an economic and military power over the past 70 years, but the treatment of minorities and dissenting groups is subpar
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Read the editorial from Dawn, newspaper in Pakistan, about China celebrating its 70th anniversary.

China's GDP per capita 1960 to 2018 - World Bank

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