China Expanding African Arms Sales

All over the continent, African nations stock up on a wide range of Chinese-made military weapons, vehicles and aircraft in exchange for oil, mineral and fishing rights – and other nations are closely monitoring the sales. “Analysts from the African military industry believe that China has fitted Russian Krasnopol semi-active laser-guided gun launch projectiles on its 155-mm howitzers,” reports Andrei Chang, editor in chief of Kanwa Defense Review Monthly in a column for United Press International that details many specific weapons and capabilities. “The United Arab Emirates uses the Chinese-version Krasnopols, which are almost one-third cheaper than the Russian originals.” Weapons can provide security or conflict, and bargain prices ensure increased flow into the impoverished, conflict-torn continent. – YaleGlobal

China Expanding African Arms Sales

Andrei Chang
Friday, February 6, 2009

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Andrei Chang is editor-in-chief of Kanwa Defense Review Monthly, registered in Toronto, Canada.

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