China’s US Delisting Fears: Bloomberg

The Trump administration has considered removing Chinese firms from US stock listing, report unnamed officials. Then, a US Treasury statement suggested there are no plans for delisting at this time. China responded with assurances that it will continue to open its financial markets and encourage foreign investment, reports Bloomberg. “A U.S. crackdown on capital flows would present a new pressure point in the economic dispute, and could cause disruptions well beyond the tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of products the two sides have levied against each other,” the article notes. China may slow reforms but plans continuance, noted a Chinese bank economist, and trade analysts express concern that the trade war could spread to finance and other areas. Citigroup describes such a move as an extreme threat in the escalating trade war. – YaleGlobal

China’s US Delisting Fears: Bloomberg

China vows to keep opening financial markets after a report, later walked back, that the Trump administration may delist Chinese firms on US stock exchanges
Monday, September 30, 2019

Read the article from Bloomberg about a report, quickly walked back, that the Trump administation considers delisting Chinese firms from US stock exchanges.

(Source:  US-China Economic and Security Review Commission)

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