CNN: Brexit Breakthrough in Brussels

The European Union and the United Kingdom reached agreement on the latter’s exit while maintaining some ties. “Crucially, the two sides reached a deal on the historically sensitive issue of the Irish border, which had threatened to derail the talks as they reached a critical moment earlier this week,” reports CNN. “Discussions can now move on to the potentially tougher issue of a future trading relationship.” The agreement covers costs, rights of EU citizens in the UK and the Irish border. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government depends on 10 hardline members of parliament in Northern Ireland who opposed their region retaining EU regulations. CNN described the deal’s language as ambiguous and puts the onus on the United Kingdom to develop regulations that satisfy both the hardliners and those who favor an open Irish border. Until then, EU regulations remain in effect. EU citizens can continue to live in the UK with difficult cases turned over to the European Court of Justice for eight years after Brexit. The UK’s estimated bill for Brexit may be up to £40 billion. The president of the European Council warns that “building new relations” could be the tougher task of Brexit. – YaleGlobal

CNN: Brexit Breakthrough in Brussels

The EU and UK clear one Brexit hurdle – agreement on the Irish border, citizen rights and costs – but the tough tasks of negotiating trade and relations remain
James Masters and James Griffiths
Friday, December 8, 2017

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James Masters wrote from London. James Griffiths wrote from Hong Kong. CNN’s Marilia Brocchetto contributed reporting.

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