Cyclone Amphan and Deadly Havoc: BBC

A violent cyclone with wind gusts up to 185 kilometers per hour struck Bangladesh and India, with governments evacuating millions from the coasts. Meteorological departments forecast heavy rainfall, flooding and mudslides. “The cyclone comes as tens of thousands of migrant workers continue to flee cities for their villages during India's lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus,” notes the report. “West Bengal and Orissa are among the Indian states seeing large numbers return.” Officials also relocated hundreds of Rohingya refugees living on an island in the Bay of Bengal to shelters, though UN human rights groups express concern for other hundreds of thousands of other refugees living in crowded camps, as well as some on boats in the bay, after authorities blocked their entry into Malaysia and Thailand. – YaleGlobal

Cyclone Amphan and Deadly Havoc: BBC

Cyclone Amphan has made landfall in eastern India and Bangladesh, lashing communities along the coast with ferocious wind and rain
Thursday, May 21, 2020

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Photo of two men struggling with small fishing boat on coast of Bangladesh with text: Deadly Storms in the Bay of Bengal 1970 – Cyclone Bhola killed 500,000 in Bangladesh 1991 – Bangladesh Cyclone killed 1.38 million with tidal wave  1999 – Odisha Cyclone killed 10,000  2008 – Cyclone Nargis killed 140,000 along Irrawaddy Delta 2020 – Cyclone Amphan  About 500 million people live along the coast of the Bay of Bengal
(Source: BBC News, Hindustan Times; photo, PTI)

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