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China’s Belt and Road Initiative supports a range of infrastructure projects connecting more than 60 nations. The digital component could be the most influential part of China’s new trade and transportation hubs, explains Nayan Chanda, founding editor of YaleGlobal Online, in his column for the Times of India. “While the US keeps issuing warnings about the espionage risks of using Chinese 5G network equipment and the security threat posed by Huawei devices, China’s telecom infrastructure projects keep growing,” he writes. “Less visible than ports and railways of BRI, China’s expanding control over the world’s digital communications networks would give Beijing unparalleled influence.” China invests in artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud computing, big data, the internet of things and other technologies – while also spreading a philosophy of surveillance, censorship and citizen control in developing economies. The United States has expressed alarm over China’s digital prowess as the country holds a third of global 5G patents and requires many BRI partners to use only Chinese suppliers yet fails to convince close allies to avoid Chinese-made equipment. China’s control over cyberspace in the fast-growing economies of Asia and Africa reinforces one-party rule. – YaleGlobal

Digital BRI: Times of India

China’s growing 5G clout combined with the Belt and Road Initiative could soon enable it to play Big Brother to the world
Nayan Chanda
Thursday, May 9, 2019

Global competition: China leads with patent applications (Source: World Intellectual Property Indicators 2018)

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Nayan Chanda is a US-based journalist who writes columns for the Times of India and the founding editor of YaleGlobal Online.

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