The Diplomat: Why Is Russia Aiming Missiles at China?

Russia, in developing precision-strike capabilities, replaces old missile systems with road-mobile Iskander-M missile systems. These have a range up to 500 kilometers and can be armed with nuclear warheads. Writing for the Diplomat, Guy Plopsky details the locations: The purpose of systems in western Russia is to deter US and allied forces in the Baltics and Poland while, in the east, missile placement is near China, “suggesting that the primary purpose of the two far eastern brigades is containing China and responding to contingencies on the Korean Peninsula.” Russia shares a border, 17 kilometers, with North Korea. “[P]erhaps the most telling examples of Moscow’s continued uneasiness regarding the growing military might of its neighbour have been large-scale Russian military exercises held in the Eastern MD [Military District],” Plopsky adds. “Indeed, the system’s ability to deliver a wide range of cluster munitions makes it particularly suitable for use against People’s Liberation Army (PLA) armor and infantry in the event of an armed confrontation.” As Russia continues work on updating its weapons systems, the United States monitors te other country's ability to reach US targets in Asia and any potential violations with the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. – YaleGlobal

The Diplomat: Why Is Russia Aiming Missiles at China?

The placement of Iskander-M Brigades in Russia’s Eastern Military District reflects continued uneasiness about China
Guy Plopsky
Monday, July 17, 2017

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Guy Plopsky holds an MA in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from Tamkang University, Taiwan. He specializes in air power, Russian military affairs and Asia-Pacific security.

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