EU Condemns Trump Travel Ban: AP

Nations try may approaches to combat COVID-19, including school closings and bans on public gatherings, even as the World Health Organization head points to alarming levels of inaction. “The European Union on Thursday lashed out at President Donald Trump’s ‘unilateral’ decision to restrict travel from Europe to the United States over the coronavirus, saying that the illness doesn’t respect borders,” reports Associated Press. The allies criticized lack of consultation, and Trump countered that they do not consult him on tax increases. EU leaders urge cooperation. The US president has labeled the disease a “foreign virus,” suggesting that Europe has not done enough to slow the spread. US restrictions focus on the Schengen free-travel zone and do not apply to the United Kingdom, Ireland and some other nations. FlightAware logs about 400 daily transatlantic flights. The United States has yet to replace a fired EU ambassador. For most people, COVID-19 symptoms are mild, with some showing no symptoms. The vast majority recover, although 3 percent of cases can turn critical. The virus poses many unknowns, and people will remain wary of any nation that fails to test and urge citizens to take appropriate precautions. Researchers will study the many responses to determine what works and what does not. – YaleGlobal

EU Condemns Trump Travel Ban: AP

The US imposes travel restrictions for part of Europe, one of many emergency actions tried by nations to slow the fast spread of COVID-19
Lorne Cook and Samuel Petrequin
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Read the article from the Associated Press about US restrictions on European travel.

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