Forbes: Lifelong Learning Matters

To compete in a global and digital economy, workers cannot afford to stop educating themselves. Technological advancements like artificial intelligence disrupt economies, and businesses struggle to recruit skilled employees. “Part of the problem is that many workers are struggling to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by technological disruption,” explains Lynne Doughtie, CEO of KPMG, an audit and professional services firm, adding people err by thinking they only need to master basic skills when workplaces are in constant flux. “Lifelong learning is fundamental to building strong communities, companies and economies.” People should pursue advanced studies if only to master the art of learning which in turn leads to problem-solving and innovation. The technologies disrupting economies offer new opportunities. – YaleGlobal

Forbes: Lifelong Learning Matters

Individuals, companies and communities benefit when workers pursue lifelong learning and adapt to fast-changing technology
Lynne Doughtie
Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Lynne Doughtie is chairman and CEO of KPMG LLP, one of the world’s leading professional services firms and the fastest growing Big Four professional services firms in the United States.

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