France-Amérique: NATO and the Trump Enigma

French diplomats and pundits admit to confusion over US President Donald Trump's goals and opinions about NATO. An essay goes on to pose multiple questions and suggests that longstanding US allies such as France do not expect clear answers, with analysts wondering whether Trump deliberately presents two stances, one specifically for his followers and another for the world at large. “No sooner had he proclaimed his love of NATO, he demanded that Europe reimburse its associated debts to the United States,” explains Guy Sorman for France-Amérique. “But NATO does not bill for its services.” Leaders can only conclude that the president who relies on non-traditional media sources and exaggerates may not be a reliable partner. Sorman concludes that the French and other Europeans should "design a new, coordinated defense without the United States as soon as possible.” – YaleGlobal

France-Amérique: NATO and the Trump Enigma

US allies, like France, have long list of unanswered questions about US foreign policy goals – and think about organizing defense on their own without the US
Guy Sorman
Monday, April 3, 2017

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The article was translated from French by Alexander Uff.              

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