Grubs Up! Scientists Keen to Get Us Eating Bugs

As food shortages emerge in some nations and prices climb, scientists offer a solution – eating insects, plentiful and diverse. Insects, with ample protein and nutrients, are on the menu for more than 100 countries of the world, reports Geoffrey Lean for the Independent. With their vegetarian diets, insects are a healthy choice for humans; bountiful in nature, insects are also healthy for the environment, eliminating intense agriculture methods associated with grains, meat and other food products. “It is perverse to use pesticides to kill insects that are more nutritious than the crops they prey on,” writes Lean, reporting on the opinions of researchers attending an Ohio State University conference. Hunger is the best sauce, Miguel de Cervantes said, and for the gourmands of the West, insects will require plenty of sauce. – YaleGlobal

Grubs Up! Scientists Keen to Get Us Eating Bugs

Fancy a bluebottle butty or a spider sarnie? Scientists, keen to get us eating bugs, say they're nutritious, delicious and environmentally friendly
Geoffrey Lean
Friday, June 6, 2008

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Geoffrey Lean is environment editor for the Independent.