Hong Kong Standoff: South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s peaceful protests over one law, allowing extradition of those charged with crimes to China, began in June and has since disintegrated into use of force, violence and resentment over any Chinese control at all. Riot police have surrounded Polytechnic University, trapping protesters and other occupants inside, using teargas. Police warn all will face punishment. Parents urge a peaceful resolution. “Earlier attempts by various groups to negotiate a peaceful solution failed. University board directors, teachers, parents and lawmakers trying to enter the campus were turned back by officers,” reports a team from South China Morning Post. At last 400 people have been arrested with more than 100 injuries reported. Another South China Morning Post article reports three universities suggest that chemicals have gone missing from campuses. Many suggest that Hong Kong is being destroyed – and each side, government and protesters, blames the other. – YaleGlobal

Hong Kong Standoff: South China Morning Post

University protesters are trapped in standoff with riot police; dozens escape using ropes; thousands protest in streets for end to siege; chemicals go missing
Sum Lok-kei, Karen Zhang, Gary Cheung, Chris Lau and Danny Mok
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Read the article from South China Morning Post about riot police in Hong Kong trapping protesters and other bystanders on university campuses.

Read another report from South China Morning Post about chemicals going missing from university laboratories: “Dangerous chemicals missing from the laboratories of Hong Kong’s universities amid campus clashes between police and anti-government protesters could pose a threat to public safety, officials and experts have warned.”

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