How Do Raids on Undocumented Workers Help? Examiner

US immigration agents conducted raids on seven food processing plants in Mississippi, arresting almost 700 workers without documents, creating confusion as communities stepped up to assist weeping children, many US citizens, abruptly abandoned. “One U.S. citizen who worked alongside many of the detained illegal immigrants told the Washington Post that the food processing companies were not refuges for criminals but ‘work sites for people who came to this country to work, who came to fight for their family,’” writes Brad Palumbo for Washington Examiner. “Indiscriminate immigration enforcement is incredibly disruptive for the economy: There’s a reason the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, while it supports border security, also insists that we must treat undocumented workers fairly and offer many a path to legal residency.” Palumbo urges enforcement that targets criminal suspects rather than workers doing jobs that most Americans disdain during a time of record low unemployment. He urges the federal government to focus on border security rather than PR stunts that target tax-paying, law-abiding laborers. About half those arrested have been released. – YaleGlobal

How Do Raids on Undocumented Workers Help? Examiner

US immigration authorities raid Mississippi food processors, making almost 700 arrests of undocumented workers - separating families and harming US businesses
Brad Polumbo
Friday, August 9, 2019

Read the article from Washington Examiner about the immigration enforcement raids on food processors in Mississippi.

Brad Polumbo is the Red Alert editor and a commentary writer at the Washington Examiner.

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