How to Meet SDG and Climate Goals: 8 Lessons for Scaling Up Development Programs

Most countries of the world have agreed to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets to limit carbon emissions as outlined with the Paris Climate treaty. Writing for Brookings, Johannes F. Linn, a former World Bank vice president, points out that governments must find ways “to meet the top-down objectives with bottom-up approaches.” He offers recommendations for meeting the goals that include agencies reexamining their mission statements, strategies and policies to pursue institution-wide transformation; leaders championing goals and adjustments on a regular basis; internal managers offering suggestions on how to custom new policies for their agency’s culture; ongoing guidance and training for staff members; and updating monitoring and evaluation procedures. To achieve the far-reaching goals, entire staffs of government agencies and corporations must be motivated to share best practices, and policies to address climate change and sustainability will become “ingrained in the institutional DNA." – YaleGlobal

How to Meet SDG and Climate Goals: 8 Lessons for Scaling Up Development Programs

Agencies and businesses will evolve as the world gears up to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets of the Paris Climate Change treaty
Johannes F. Linn
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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A former World Bank vice president for Europe and Central Asia, Johannes Linn was the director of the Wolfensohn Center for Development from 2005-2010. His research focuses on international development and global governance issues.