This Is How Rising Seas Will Reshape the Face of the United States

Governments are slow in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and stemming climate change, so researchers study which areas might fall victim to intense flooding, rising seas, desertification and loss of traditional plant species. The world probably can’t avoid 1.6 meters of long-term sea-level rise. Locations where half the US population now lives could be under threat if no action is taken. Entire communities could someday be abandoned, suggests research led by Benjamin Strauss of Climate Central in Princeton, NJ. Some governments prepare by redirecting rivers as well as constructing dams and sea walls. Chris Mooney, writing for the Washington Post, adds that “the research underscores that ultimately, rising seas may be the most consequential of all implications of climate change.” – YaleGlobal

This Is How Rising Seas Will Reshape the Face of the United States

Research suggests that climate change and emissions left unchecked could contribute to rising seas that threaten locations where half the US population resides
Chris Mooney
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chris Mooney reports on science and the environment.

Read the study on “Carbon Choices Determine US Committed to Futures Below Sea Level.” 

The study includes an interactive map predicting how rising seas could affect communities based on scenarios of unchecked pollution or carbon cuts. © 1996-2015 The Washington Post