How Trump Would Rework NAFTA – And What Mexico, Canada Want in Return

The North America Free Trade Agreement, in place since 1994, could benefit from updating. The agreement lifted most tariffs among Canada, Mexico and the United States and has had a net impact on growth and jobs for all three countries, according to multiple analysts. The Trump administration has announced plans to reopen NAFTA negotiations to create more US jobs. “Canada’s strategy, at this stage, seems to be to get out of the way,” reports Bloomberg News. “Canadian officials are holding out hope they’re not Trump’s target, and will do everything they can to make sure they don’t get sideswiped if the president goes after Mexico.” Mexico expects continued flow of remittances, orderly arrangements for the return of any immigrants and an agreement free of tariffs. NAFTA has no provision for renegotiation, said one expert, but supplements on environment and labor conditions were eventualy negotiated and added. The Trump administration has offered few specifics, and the countries can withdraw six months after giving formal notice. Trump also signed an order withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement among 11 nations including Canada and Mexico. Trump said he plans to develop one-on-one agreements instead. – YaleGlobal

How Trump Would Rework NAFTA – And What Mexico, Canada Want in Return

Trump administration will discuss revisions to NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, but specifics are few so far and all three parties must be open to reforms
Theophilos Argitis, Eric Martin, and Saleha Mohsin
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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The website of the US Trade Representative now announces an “America First Trade Policy” and reads: “USTR is working to reshape the landscape of trade policy to work for all Americans. On a level playing field, Americans can compete fairly and win. This new America First trade policy will make it more desirable for companies to stay here, create jobs here, pay taxes here, and rebuild our economy.”

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