Insect Explosion “A Threat to Food Crops”

After studying a warming trend in the Earth’s fossil record from 55.8 million years ago, scientists with Pennsylvania State University predict rising carbon-dioxide levels and insect populations. An increase in carbon dioxide will decrease nutrients available in plants and thus lead to insects eating more leaves. Researchers have not pinpointed the cause behind the ancient warming period, but the fossil record also shows that species of insects migrated south to north. Insects, on Earth long before humans, show remarkable abilities to adapt to changing climates, habitats or food sources. The article in the Independent notes that the rise in insect populations and crop damage will come toward the end of the 21st century, even as the world attempts to accommodate 3 billion more people. – YaleGlobal

Insect Explosion “A Threat to Food Crops”

Steve Connor
Friday, February 15, 2008

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Steve Connor is science editor for the Independent.