Internet of Things: Have We Bitten Off More Than We Can Chew?

Hackers commandeered web cameras and possibly other devices to launch an attack on internet service management company Dyn. The company reports that it fended off multiple attacks in recent weeks. All types of gadgets for homes, cars and offices are linked to the internet to allow remote monitoring by users and updates from makers, and one security expert suggests that any device with an IP address is vulnerable. More than 6 billion such devices are in use, and the total is expected to grow threefold by 2020. Security is costly, but consumers pursue electronics with the lowest cost. “The attack on Dyn was a wake-up call for consumers and manufacturers,” report Alyssa Newcomb and Jo Ling Kent for NBC. “Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou XiongMai, which makes components for surveillance cameras, issued a recall for some of its devices sold in the United States after security researchers determined they may have been compromised and used in the attack.” The company warns that devices are easily accessed when users do not change their default user name and password. – YaleGlobal

Internet of Things: Have We Bitten Off More Than We Can Chew?

Cars, medical devices, household products – more than 6 billion devices are connected to the internet and can be hacked
Alyssa Newcomb and Jo Ling Kent
Friday, October 28, 2016

Alsyssa Newcomb is a tech reporter for NBC News.



One of the main issues often associated with the predicted increase in connected devices is the growing number of attack vectors these devices potential have. While increased functionality, mobility, and reliability is welcomed by most, it does create more potentially exploitable components in a network. In an age where cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and using much more advanced technologies, adequate protection is paramount. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the commercial IoT systems most at risk from malicious cyber attacks as well as detailing a few methods and techniques that could help protect potentially vulnerable devices from such threats. Internet of Things Security: Protecting Connected Devices...