Israel’s Gantz Vows “Broad Government”: Haaretz

The coronavirus pandemic may have ushered the end to Benjamin Netanyahu’s lock on Israel’s government along with efforts to avoid a trial for corruption. A close majority of Knesset lawmakers gave a go-ahead to Kahol Lavan Chairman Benny Gantz in forming a government. Two elections during the past year failed to produce a clear winner and a governing coalition. Gantz promised to “form a national unity government, as broad as possible, within days,” reports Haaretz. “These are not normal days," Gantz said, and he urged leaders to put aside personal considerations.” Gantz and his center left party want to end politics of divisiveness had have 28 days to form a coalition. Most lawmakers maintain that the country cannot afford political polarization during a pandemic. Israel, reporting more than 250 confirmed cases, has banned meetings with more than 10 people. The law requires Knesset members planning to vote to be in the hall and does not allow voting in shifts. – YaleGlobal

Israel’s Gantz Vows “Broad Government”: Haaretz

Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz “extends his elbow” to Netanyahu and other leaders in “healing Israeli society of both coronavirus and hatred”
Jonathan Lis and Chaim Levinson
Monday, March 16, 2020

Read the article from Haaretz about Israel’s electon and attempts to form a coalition government.

Jonathan Lis is a political correspondent for Haaretz. Chaim Levinson is Haaretz’s Political Correspondent. He is contributor of 12 Channel, the parliament Channel and 103 FM Radio. He teaches New Media and Politics in Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem.

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