Jakarta Post: Water Privatization in Jakarta

Water privatization, in theory, is supposed to steady supplies and costs of the limited resource. But water is essential for survival and is regarded as a basic public service. Government handing control to companies seeking profits leads to problems including emphasis on increased costs, reduced maintenance, and emphasis on developers’ goals, according to Food & Water Watch. Courts in Indonesia have ruled that water privatization is illegal, violating the human rights for residents of Jakarta, and the Indonesian Supreme Court confirmed that decision in October. “The verdict states that privatization has not improved the service of water supply in term of quality, quantity and continuity,” reports the Jakarta Post. Residents complain about water quality, and the transition will not be easy. Jakarta has a population of 10 million, and Indonesia is the fifth most populous nation in the world. – YaleGlobal

Jakarta Post: Water Privatization in Jakarta

Indonesia's largest city, Jakarta, struggles with adequate water supply and undergoes a transition as courts and politicians reject water privatization
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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