Kenya’s Muslims: Resentments Both Local and International

Close-knit global communication is helping to spread information and arouse passions about developments in far-away places. This New York Times report finds widespread resentment among Kenya’s Muslim community about their condition at home and abroad. Much of that resentment is born of a widespread belief among Kenya's Muslim minority that they have long been the victims of discrimination at home. The article says: "While none of the city's Islamic leaders publicly praised last week's attacks on an Israeli-owned hotel and an Israeli-chartered airliner, many blamed both Israeli and United States policies, saying they made such acts inevitable. Their anger, expressed in many interviews with local Muslims since the attacks, appears to lend support to the claims of some Kenyan officials that the militants who came here wanting to kill hundreds of Israelis may have found more than a few local friends willing to help." – YaleGlobal

Kenya's Muslims: Resentments Both Local and International

Dexter Filkins
Sunday, December 1, 2002

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