Massive Floods: Jakarta Post

Jakarta, home for more than 9 million people, is prone to flooding with two-fifths of the city under sea level. The city with 13 rivers is increasingly swampy and rapidly sinking. Extreme rainfall with the start of 2020 is described as the worst in a decade, causing severe flooding. Indonesia’s weather agency, BMKG, suggested more than 370 millimeters, or about 15 inches, of rain fell in a single day. More than 20 deaths are reported with more than 30,000 people displaced. The agency blamed an unusual monsoon pattern and high temperatures in the Indian Ocean, resulting in vapor and cloud formation, as predicted by climate scientists. Plans to relocate the capital city to East Borneo are underway. – YaleGlobal

Massive Floods: Jakarta Post

Severe rainfall hits Jakarta, leaving more than 20 dead and 30,000 displaced; the city continues to sink due to rising seas and groundwater extraction
Kharishar Kahfi
Friday, January 3, 2020

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Jakarta Precipitation 	 Jan-19	402 Feb	284 Mar	219 Apr	131 May	113 Jun	90 Jul	58 Aug	61 Sep	64 Oct	101 Nov	128 Dec	204 Jan-20	370

(Source: and BMKG)

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