Match-Fixing: Gambling Is Destroying Sport

Corruption enriches a few, but poisons organizations. Europol announced nearly 700 fixed football matches after an investigation of thousands of emails in 30 nations. More than 400 have been arrested. “Sports corruption goes back at least 2,800 years and some type of corruption will be with us for as long we continue to hold competitive sports,” notes journalist Declan Hill for BBC News. “It is simply a part of human nature.” Globalization has influenced sports gambling as with every facet of modern life, adding new speed and cross-border connections. Hill describes Asian crime syndicates flush with cash that link up with local crime rings, seeking out team representatives willing to cheat and then arranging bets. “One defence is a proper and well-resourced anti-addiction program for players and referees,” Hill argues, as well as integrity officers and anonymous whistle-blower hotlines. Another is immediate outcry and public shaming from audiences over odd calls and plays. Otherwise, fans will lose interest in the sport whose outcome has been fixed in advance. – YaleGlobal

Match-Fixing: Gambling Is Destroying Sport

Europol investigation finds more than 700 fixed matches in 30 countries; cross-border betting aids cheating, with no country immune
Declan Hill
Friday, February 8, 2013

Declan Hill is a journalist and author of The Fix.

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Gambling is an industry that feasts on the poor and vulnerable. I think it is important to state that I am not a prohibitionist. I strongly believe sports betting can be enjoyed responsibly; having lived and overcome the devastation of gambling addiction.
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Match fixing is truly destroying sports and another thing its destroying is peoples pocket and bank account as many who are in search of fixed match have lost a lot to scammers online.
its very depressing to some please read this article and learn more on this topic