Middle East Eye: “’Huge Implications” for Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

Donald Trump, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, plans to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The plan overturns seven decades of US policy. Most countries maintain embassies in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, and a few maintain consulates in Jerusalem. “While the decision may cement Washington’s pro-Israeli bias, analysts say, its symbolism insults not only Palestinians, but also Arabs and Muslims across the world,” writes Ali Harb for the Middle East Eye. “US-sponsored negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians to find a resolution to the conflict within the framework of the two-state solution have been stagnant since 2014, while Israel has expanded illegal settlements in the West Bank.” The Trump administration had promised to revive the peace process, and analysts suggest the relocation is a fundamental change in the US negotiating position that could become a bargaining chip but also keep parties from even coming to the bargaining table. The relocation announcement may also fuel extremism and endanger in the region and puts US allies like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in a difficult position. – YaleGlobal

Middle East Eye: “'Huge Implications” for Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital may seem symbolic, analysts say, but it will deeply trouble Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims around the world
Ali Harb
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
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