Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Sinkings

More than 13,000 people crossed the Mediterranean, leaving Libya for Italy during the third week of May. At least 800 have died with the sinking of three vessels, reports the UN refugee agency. “The full details of the disasters emerged slowly because of the chaotic nature of the situation,” reports Patrick Kingsley for the Guardian. “The disasters show that despite attempts to crackdown on smugglers in the southern Mediterranean, the flow of migrants between Libya and Italy continues unabated.” Some migrants are from Syria, but most are fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa. The numbers are overwhelming for the Italian coast guard and others patrolling the Mediterranean. NGOs like Sea Watch criticize the European Union for focusing on anti-smuggling rather than search-and-rescue operations. – YaleGlobal

Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Sinkings

UNHCR reports about 800 migrant deaths with the sinking of three vessels in the Mediterranean; NGO criticizes EU for failing to conduct search-and rescue operations
Patrick Kingsley
Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Patrick Kingsley is migration correspondent for the Guardian.  

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