Most Popular Yale Class Is Free: Business Insider

More than 1.5 billion around the world are in lockdown conditions to contain the spread of COVID-19, reports the Associated Press. Education is not put on hold, and would-be students can kill multiple birds with one stone with a free Yale University class that analyzes the source of happiness. The Science of Well-Being, taught by Laurie Santos, is based on her class The Psychology and the Good Life, the most popular in Yale’s history of 300-plus years. The online course covers misconceptions, expectations and strategies, explains Mara Leighton for Business Insider: “It combined positive psychology with the real-life applications of behavioral science: It debunked popular notions of what makes people happy (like the luxury Mercedes-Benz status symbol) and helped students understand the habits they should build to lead truly happier, more fulfilled lives.” More than 850,000 people have enrolled in the class that includes videos, recommended readings and “retirement” exercises that prompt students to reflect on and change habits. Online classes open new worlds and build self-discipline. – YaleGlobal

Most Popular Yale Class Is Free: Business Insider

People under self-quarantine or lockdown can still pursue education online, including Yale University’s most popular class on the science of well-being
Mara Leighton
Monday, March 23, 2020

Read the article from Business Insider about enrolling in a free Coursera class from Yale University on the science on well-being.

Also read the World Happiness Report. 2020

 India	3.573 Nigeria	4.724 China	5.124 Indonesia	5.286 Vietnam	5.353 Mexico	5.465 Russia	5.546 Japan	5.871 South Korea	5.872 Philippines	6.006 Brazil 	6.376 Saudi Arabia	6.406 France	6.664 US	6.94 Germany	7.076 UK	7.165 Canada	7.232 Finland	7.809

The quest: The Happiness report links happiness to gross domestic product and income, healthy life expectancy, social support, generosity, freedom to make life choices, low corruption levels, as well as positive and negative feelings including happiness and laughter or sadness and anger. (Source: Data, World Happiness Report. 2020; photo, Helsinki University Library)

  Top Cities for Happiness Helsinki, Finland Aarhus, Denmark Wellington, New Zealand Zurich, Switzerland Copenhagen, Denmark  and image of Picasso smiling woman

Nordic countries have long ranked high on happiness, as “characterized by a virtuous cycle in which various key institutional and cultural indicators of good society feed into each other including well-functioning democracy, generous and effective social welfare benefits, low levels of crime and corruption, and satisfied citizens who feel free and trust each other and governmental institutions.” The report concludes, “there seems to be no secret sauce specific to Nordic happiness that is unavailable to others. There is rather a more general recipe for creating highly satisfied citizens: Ensure that state institutions are of high quality, non-corrupt, able to deliver what they promise, and generous in taking care of citizens in various adversities (Source: World Happiness Report. 2020; illustration, Pablo Picasso Abstract Art Two Faces Of The Girl and

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