Muslims Craft Their Own Video Games

Syrian video-game pioneer Afkar Media is committed to a positive portrayal of Islam through new video games that feature Muslims and Arabs as heroes instead of villains. Their most recent release, named “Al-Quraysh” for the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad, is a strategy video game that follows the history of Islam from the viewpoint of the Bedouins, Arabs, Persians, or Romans. Instead of being portrayed as stereotypical terrorists, the Muslim and Arab characters in the games are the “good guys,” with players often rewarded for saving civilians. Though the games have come under fire for their use of Jewish stereotypes and “shooting” format, Afkar Media executive manager Radwan Kasmiya hopes that the games will promote Western understanding, not fear, of Islam. Low resources and tight government controls on company profit place Afkar far behind the booming multibillion-dollar gaming industry. Video games could be the ideal starting point when it comes to promoting new vision and pride about Islam to disenfranchised youth. – YaleGlobal

Muslims Craft Their Own Video Games

Tired of Arabs and Muslims being portrayed as bad guys, a Syrian firm puts out a new line of games
Rhonda Roumani
Wednesday, June 7, 2006

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