New York Times: US Africa Strategy Counters China

The United States plans to devote more funding and attention on Africa, according to National Security Adviser John Bolton. He suggests the threat for Africa is not poverty or extremism but expanding Chinese influence. “Bolton conceded that the United States had limited resources to compete with the tens of billions of dollars China is pouring into Africa,” report Mark Landler and Edward Wong for the New York Times. “He also threatened to withdraw American aid for some United Nations peacekeeping missions, which he labeled ineffective, as well as for certain African countries like South Sudan that he said were corrupt or ungrateful.” Analysts question the worth of increased investment combined with pullback from troubled regions. Bolton added that Chinese investments in major public works projects increase debt and dependence on China for African nations. Chinese funding comes in the form of loans. Bolton has previously insisted that much of US aid to Africa is inefficient. For this new strategy, he did not specify a funding amount or recommendations for reducing waste. – YaleGlobal

New York Times: US Africa Strategy Counters China

US national security advisor lays out strategy of more aid and attention for parts of Africa in race to keep up with expanding Chinese influence
Mark Landler and Edward Wong
Friday, December 14, 2018

Read the article from the New York Times about a US strategy for Africa.

Mark Landler is a White House correspondent at The New York Times. In 24 years at The Times, he has been diplomatic correspondent, bureau chief in Hong Kong and Frankfurt, European economic correspondent, and a business reporter in New York. He is the author of “Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Twilight Struggle over American Power” (Random House).

Edward Wong is a diplomatic and international correspondent for The New York Times who reports on foreign policy from Washington. He has spent most of his career abroad, reporting for 13 years from China and Iraq for The Times. As Beijing bureau chief, he ran The Times’s largest overseas operation.

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