News & Observer: Sea-Level Rise Is Here

Climate change and sea-level rise are underway, yet the US government led by conservatives and supporters of fossil-fuel energies have chosen to ignore the growing body evidence. As a candidate, Donald Trump called global climate change is a hoax. As president, he “followed up on his non-belief in a warming planet by not supporting the Paris Climate Accords, thus forfeiting our global environmental leadership,” explains Orrin H. Pilkey, a retired geology professor. “In addition he has abandoned coal industry regulations, halted NASA’s Carbon Monitoring system, reduced mileage requirements for new cars, and has made other moves that will increase our greenhouse gas contributions to the world’s atmosphere.” Preparation is key, and delayed action makes the response more challenging, he adds. North Carolina, among the US states that have restricted use of climate-change research for coastal policies, is now in the path of slow-moving Category 4 Hurricane Florence. Pilkey urges preparing for a retreat from rising seas: ending beachfront development, raising buildings, and demolishing or relocating buildings that under threat. – YaleGlobal

News & Observer: Sea-Level Rise Is Here

North Carolina geologist warns that preparation on climate change is essential, coastal policies should rely on growing body of climate-change research
Orrin H. Pilkey
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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