Opportunities in Globalization

The global telecommunications industries are potential sutures to wounds in the US economy brought on by corporate outsourcing to countries with low labor costs, according to Rocco Leonard Martino, the CEO of CyberFone Technologies. The technological advances of the internet provide the US with extraordinary opportunities to advertise innovative products at a rapid pace, allowing for increased American profit despite outsourced labor. Martino asserts the potential of US job-creation in a society that relies less on an industrial workplace model and more on labor conducted via the internet and telecommunications. Using this new model, the US could sell more ideas and products to burgeoning new markets in the developing world at a quicker pace, for less money, and without outsourcing telecommunications labor to other countries. Instead of outsourcing US corporate telecommunications and technology labor to India, for instance, Martino asserts that corporations outsource this form of labor to working-class cities throughout the US. This would decrease American oil consumption and commuter pollution, and increase the GDP and the rate of sales for the benefit of a US workforce. Web-based labor could unleash globalization’s long-term benefits for the industrial world and make up for current economic downturn in the US brought on by labor outsourcing. – YaleGlobal

Opportunities in Globalization

Smart innovation is key to long-term prosperity; nations won't thrive by just accepting low pay
Rocco Leonard Martino
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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Rocco Leonard Martino is chairman and CEO of CyberFone Technologies; early in his career, Martino worked with the inventors of ENIAC, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006.

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