Human Diet Damages Planet

The diet of more than 7.5 billion humans could cause “catastrophic” damage to the planet, reports research published in Lancet. People should consume half as much sugar and red meat and twice as many vegetables, fruit and nuts, suggests a commission of more than 30 researchers. Almost a billion people go hungry and more than 2 billion eat too muchof some foods that contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. “Unhealthy diets account for up to 11 million avoidable premature deaths every year, according to the most recent Global Disease Burden report,” reports Marlowe Hood for “At the same time the global food system is the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the biggest driver of biodiversity loss, and the main cause of deadly algae blooms along coasts and inland waterways.” The world will have more than 10 billion people in 2050. Researchers urge reducing food waste and increasing protections of soil, water and other environmental resources. – YaleGlobal Human Diet Damages Planet

Agriculture industry that produces food for 7 billion-plus humans stresses Earth’s resources – Lancet urges reducing food waste and less meat in diets
Marlowe Hood
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Read the article from about how high-meat diets and food waste harm the environment and threaten the future food supply.

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