Political Shades of Green Clash

Immigration has once again spurred a divisive debate among environmental conservationists in the USA. Even the 112-year-old Sierra Club is facing an 'insurgent' campaign aimed at getting the group to come down hard for immigration restrictions. For decades, population control has featured prominently in the agenda of most environmental groups. Some environmentalists argue that the projected increase in the American population – primarily due to the arrival of immigrants and their children – creates conditions for environmental degradation and necessitates immigration control. Others argue that doing so might well alienate immigrant communities who could be future partners in conservation projects. Rather than point fingers at immigrants and blame them for all evil in American society, say the current Sierra Club leadership and others, conservationists need to consider sustainable living and development as the real panacea of population growth and environmental degradation. – YaleGlobal

Political Shades of Green Clash

The battle for leadership in the Sierra Club reflects a broad dispute over immigration
Miguel Bustillo
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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