Politics Overshadow NATO Anniversary: Spiegel

Preparing to celebrate its 70th anniversary, NATO is under attack by some members. French President Emmanuel describes “brain death” and US President Donald Trump chastises allies who do not contribute 2 percent of GDP to defense. Jens Stoltenberg, general secretary of NATO, admits that the allies disagree on some issues, but agree in “substance.” Analysis from Spiegel Online describes two NATOs: The defense side is organized and capable, addressing new challenges like “hybrid aggression, cyberattacks and new hypersonic weapons” while the political side is fragmented and dysfunctional with abrupt decisions that overlook interests of all allies. NATO’s European members are divided over how much the continent needs US support and whether an independent system should be developed even as they broaden the definition for defense spending. Summit agendas are organized to avoid clashes. NATO members also differ over strategy on China: The United States “would like to see a kind of doctrine that would classify China, an aspiring economic and military power, as a new threat to NATO,” explains the team of writers. “But European countries like Germany and France don't want to jeopardize economic relations with Beijing and are demanding a more measured approach.” – YaleGlobal

Politics Overshadow NATO Anniversary: Spiegel

Despite military successes, NATO is divided, its future mission in question; Macron disparaged the alliance as "brain dead" and Trump calls it "obsolete"
Matthias Gebauer, Konstantin von Hammerstein, Peter Müller and Christoph Schult
Monday, December 2, 2019

Read the article from Spiegel International about NATO’s 70th anniversary celebration and questions on its future.

(Data source: NATO, November 21, 2019)

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