Project Syndicate: Climate Safety and Engineers

Nations have developed a rulebook for implementing the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Ending reliance on fossil fuels will help stem climate change, improving the environment and health, yet more action is required, explains Jeffrey Sachs for Project Syndicate. “The diplomats have read the science and know the truth: without a rapid move to a zero-carbon global energy system by mid-century, humanity will be in grave peril,” he writes. “The next stage needs the world’s engineering experts on power generation and transmission, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, artificial intelligence for energy systems management, urban design for energy efficiency and public transport, and related specialists…. The time for engineers to take center stage has arrived.” Global coordination on alternative fuels, transmission and is required for efficiency and safety. – YaleGlobal

Project Syndicate: Climate Safety and Engineers

Diplomats prepared a UN "rulebook" to guide countries in combating global warming; next, engineers should present a global framework for action
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Read the article from Project Syndicate on the need for engineers to help control climate chanage.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, is Director of Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Development and of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. His books include The End of PovertyCommon WealthThe Age of Sustainable DevelopmentBuilding the New American Economy, and most recently, A New Foreign Policy: Beyond American Exceptionalism.

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