Putin Muscles His Way Into Africa: CNBC

The Central African Republic is a recent example of how Russian President Vladimir Putin is investing human resources and muscle for access to natural resources and trade deals in Africa. Africa is poised to represent 25 percent of the world’s labor force by 2050 with its 54 countries having the potential to be an influential voting bloc in the United Nations. The continent has an abundance of rare earth materials, and its importance cannot be understated. Whereas China’s investment is well documented, Russia’s support includes paramilitary support and expertise. Russia provided a security advisor to CAR, and Egypt and Russia are collaborating to inaugurate a Russian-African Summit in October with 50 African leaders. Russia has already signed military deals with 20 countries. The Trump administration has taken notice, but has so far not followed through with a new Africa strategy. – YaleGlobal

Putin Muscles His Way Into Africa: CNBC

The United States has lost interest in Africa, and Russia steps into the vacuum of influence with military support and trade
Frederick Kempe
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Read the article from CNBC about Russia expanding influence in Africa.

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Imports and exports with Africa for China, US, Russia, 2017, OEC

Africa trade in context: The 2017 imports and exports with Africa for China, the US and Russia are small but carry big impact (Source: Observatory of Economic Complexity)

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