Quarrels in the EU Over Meat Promotion: DutchNews.nl

The European Union is under constant pressure to enact best practices for the bloc regardless of cultural differences. Dutch officials question the need for EU subsidies to promote meat consumption amid growing health and environmental concerns. “The EU has spent some €60m promoting meat since 2017, in direct contradiction to Dutch efforts to cut meat consumption on health grounds, according to research by animal rights group Wakker Dier,” reports DutchNews.nl. The animal rights group argues that the EU subsidies and campaign are unsustainable. EU officials insist Europe has high standards. “The main objective of the campaign is to provide information on the quality and taste qualities of European pork, beef and their products, resulting from the specific production requirements defined both at the level of EU law and food quality management systems,” notes the EU site. “Moreover it is to highlight European history, tradition and experience in meat production as well as processing, drawing attention to the high production standards with a set of strict legal regulations in order to guarantee the safety of food products.” Still, Dutch officials oppose promotion efforts that counter efforts by the Dutch food agency urging reduced meat consumption. – YaleGlobal

Quarrels in the EU Over Meat Promotion: DutchNews.nl

Dutch officials question wisdom of EU promotion of meat consumption countering national efforts aiming for reduction amid health and environmental concerns
Sunday, February 16, 2020

Read the article from DutchNews.nl about EU efforts to promote meat consumption.

European Commission Agriculture Promotion, 2020	 	 Foreign markets	$118m; EU markets $82.9 m

The budget supports a range of agriculture programs (Source: Euromeat)

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