Quartz: US Tightens H1B Visa Process

Skilled workers applying for the US H1B visa will face more scrutiny. Applicants will be expected to fill specialty roles in a specialty occupation, explains US Citizenship and Immigration Services. “Previously, the adjudicating officers did not have to review third-party contracts or the exact dates and place of third-party work,” reports Ananya Bhattacharya for Quartz. Workers will be required to furnish evidence of work assignments and results; applications will include contracts, itinerary and detailed job descriptions. The requirement will pose challenges for big Indian IT companies like Infosys or Wipro that rely on a business model of sending contract workers to overseas sites. The US agency that monitors the program reports violations including low wages, unpaid time off, non-specialty assignments and discrimination. The visa’s time limit – currently at three years with a three-year extension – may also shrink, and employers can expect more inspections. Increased scrutiny and bureaucracy may reduce interest in the visas among potential applicants and employers. – YaleGlobal

Quartz: US Tightens H1B Visa Process

H1B applicants and employers can expect to encounter more scrutiny and inspections from immigration officials
Ananya Bhattacharya
Friday, February 23, 2018

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Ananya Bhattacharya is a reporter for Quartz.

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