The Real Disaster: Inadequate Preparation

Businesses are often not prepared for large-scale disasters – and as a result of globalization, a threat to one business has become a threat to all. Large-scale events in the form of terrorism or natural disasters hinder the supply-chain for businesses and the flow of goods to consumers. Despite widespread agreement that supply-chain disruptions can harm a business, few companies have plans in place. Companies can make contingency plans for supplies and also train workers for multiple jobs. But most importantly, in the event of a disaster, firms must act quickly and decisively when dealing with supply-chain disruptions. Only when businesses recognize potential threats to the supply-chain can they flourish in an increasingly connected world. – YaleGlobal

The Real Disaster: Inadequate Preparation

Kevin O'Marah
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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O’Marah is senior vice-president of strategic research at AMR Research, a Boston-based advisory firm and leader in supply-chain research.

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