Restrictions on Mainland Tourism to Taiwan: Caixin

Political tensions spill over to trade and other areas. China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism will allow Chinese mainland citizens to travel to Taiwan only with group tours. “Travelers from 47 Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been allowed to apply for permits to visit Taiwan individually under a program that began in 2011,” reports Teng Jing Xuan for Caixin. “Once the new policy takes effect, all travelers from the mainland will only be allowed to visit Taiwan as part of tour groups.” The reason for the new policy is cross-strait tensions, the ministry said. Also, with a presidential election campaign underway is in Taiwan, independence from China is often a heated issue. President Tsai Ing-wen calls the ban a mistake. Group tours from the mainland began traveling to the island in 2008, and residents from about 50 Chinese cities could apply for permits for individual travel since 2011. Mainlanders accounted for 28 percent of Taiwan’s visitors this year. – YaleGlobal

Restrictions on Mainland Tourism to Taiwan: Caixin

An election is set for Taiwan in January and China restricts individual travel to Taiwan by mainlanders and requires tourists to sign up for group tours
Teng Jing Xuan
Thursday, August 1, 2019

Read the article from Caixin about China’s new restrictions on tourism to Taiwan.

(Source: Taiwan Tourism Statistics)

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