Spiegel Online: Time to Break Off EU Membership Talks With Turkey

A narrow majority of Turkish voters have approved constitutional reforms that consolidate their president’s power. The European Union could continue to pursue economic ties, but end negotiations on Turkey’s membership. “The Turks have voted for autocracy, for the repression of political opponents and likely also for the introduction of the death penalty,” urges Markus Becker for Spiegel Online. “None of these can be reconciled with membership in the EU.” Becker lists counterarguments including EU’s loss of influence over Turkey and the dangers of the Turkish president withdrawing from a deal on refugees, allowing them to flood into Europe. Becker maintains that the EU already has recalcitrant members, the United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary, and admitting another will only hurry disintegration. – YaleGlobal

Spiegel Online: Time to Break Off EU Membership Talks With Turkey

Turkey’s vote to strengthen president’s power may lead to policies incompatible with EU values; EU can end membership negotiations and pursue economic ties
Markus Becker
Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Markus Becker is Brussels correspondent for Spiegel Online.

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